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Gboard – Google’s keyboard app

For months now has Apple’s iOS had a better hand at Google’s keyboard(Gboard), but now it is available for Android too.

If you want a keyboard app that has many features built in; including gifs, emojis, plain old smileys ;), does glide typing and most important, Google search built-in, Gboard is the keyboard app for you. Continue reading “Gboard – Google’s keyboard app”


MyVR,  social VR platform for everyone 

MyVR is a social VR platform created by MyWebRoom. Launching in October, MyVR will bring together content from all corners of the world, videos, social interactions, chat, music, and more in one cozy “room”.

According to tech advisor Digi-Capital, the platform could be worth $30 billion by 2020 if it lives up to expectations.
The company, MyWebRoom, which is located in San Francisco, let’s Continue reading “MyVR,  social VR platform for everyone “

Event[0] the AI game

Event[O] is one of the new games that came out this month, but there’s something that makes this game different, AI(Artificial Intelligence).

Description from the developers:

In a world where humankind has embraced artificial intelligence, you are stranded on an abandoned spaceship.

Event[0] is a game about building a personal relationship with a machine.

You type messages into a computer, and Kaizen answers. As in any relationship, you experience gratitude, disappointment, and sometimes jealousy. It is by working through fears and anxieties of your virtual companion that you will find your way back to Earth.

Continue reading “Event[0] the AI game”

eBay VR Store

This is what I call “Taking advantage of the future”.

eBay has released the world’s very first “VR Store” and it looks frikkin’ amazing! I mean wow, this is really awesome. eBay is really implementing what is given to us on an open platter, Virtual Reality. Go check out the store for yourself.

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Project Ara

This is likely the most anticipated subject in the tech community, Project Ara.

Project Ara is the name given to an initiative that aims at providing smartphones to be more modular, well not more modular, it is modular. In simple terms, this means the phone is made of many different components, which will allow you to upgrade or replace each component very easy.

It is a Google initiative (collaboration of Google’s ATAP division and the creators of Phoneblocks). To find out more and to get in touch with everything modular; visit Project Ara and Phoneblocks.

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CHESS castle no more(RJ World)

I haven’t been posting anything lately, mainly because I’ve been busy with very important things. BUT, as a quick heads-up, “CHESS castle” will no longer be, I’ll be making a lot of changes to the site.
The site address is changing, site name is changing, youtube channel being set up, facebook page being set up, soundcloud being set up, snapchat, well, actually everything you can think of. To make a long story short, everything will be changing. Chess will not be the focus of the site, but more of a “media/lifestyle themed”.

As of now, site address will be “”, Dont worry, I am planning to make it just “”. Stick around as things are going to be more interesting.

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My thoughts of Jongo(Africa’s First Superhero series)

So I watched the first episode of Jongo(Africa’s first Superhero series). I’ve got a lot to say bout the show;

  1. It’s Africa’s first superhero series and it airs every Tuesday at 8:30 pm (UTC+02:00).
  2. Its by time Africa took the leap into the film industry to try out something new, not new to the world but to Africa.
  3. Well, I watched the first episode and I don’t know if I should be ashamed of saying this, but the acting part, not good. I’m not gonna use the word “terrible” but…
  4. I was excited to hear bout the story line, but the fact of it all is that even though its “Africa’s first”, its not the first superhero series I’m watching, and compared to other series, I would say this one is laying at the bottom of my rating rules.

I don’t want to be the guy that says a lot of bad things about the show, but that’s just my really honest opinion.

If I would to give the show a rating, it would definitely be 4/10.
7 for visuals and uhhhmmm, 3 for acting.


For dubstep lovers and those looking for an authentic artist, SeamlessR(silent R) is the man. He produces music on FL Studio(Yes, FL STUDIO), amazing right? Well check him out on Soundcloud. Also check his other social media platforms…

Seamless on FixT

Intel | Museum of me

I can’t believe I stumbled upon this now only. It’s such an amazing project Intel has released a few years ago(May 2011), but as amazing things are in the world, so will there be a time that it will end. Mainly because of the way it can access one’s account, making Facebook feel Intel is “taking their data and making it too vulnerable”.

Such a shame, yes, SUCH.A.SHAME…


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