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Halo 15th Anniversary


Today, 15 November 2016, marks the 15th Anniversary of Halo.

Halo is a military sci-fi first person shooter game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios. The game series revolves around a war between humans and an alliance of aliens known as the Covenant. The term “halo” refers to the Halo rings; large, habitable super-weapons that can wipe out a whole galaxy.

The games in the series have been praised to be the best first person shooter games available on a video game console.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary Continue reading “Halo 15th Anniversary”


Overwatch – free to play over the weekend 

Blizzard, the guys behind the widely popular first person shooter game(Overwatch) is giving everyone a great opportunity to play the game for free, for just this weekend.

Blizzard is opening the game for anyone and everyone to play(PC, Play Station and X Box) during the Friday-Monday weekend, November 18-21.

The game will be available as the full version, which means; Continue reading “Overwatch – free to play over the weekend “

Event[0] the AI game

Event[O] is one of the new games that came out this month, but there’s something that makes this game different, AI(Artificial Intelligence).

Description from the developers:

In a world where humankind has embraced artificial intelligence, you are stranded on an abandoned spaceship.

Event[0] is a game about building a personal relationship with a machine.

You type messages into a computer, and Kaizen answers. As in any relationship, you experience gratitude, disappointment, and sometimes jealousy. It is by working through fears and anxieties of your virtual companion that you will find your way back to Earth.

Continue reading “Event[0] the AI game”

Pokémon Go!

Trying to explain Pokémon Go to you all will be like explaining “The birds and the bees” to a six year old; its like common knowledge now.

Since Pokémon Go’s initial release date(July 6, 2016), people have been going crazy in the streets, walking around with their phones in their face. Pokémon Go is basically the best game that got released to the public since the time from BC until now.

The three teams in Pokemon Go: (FYI; I’m Valor)

The Pokémon Go craze has brought up a lot of stories on the internet, some are true, some not so true. A few stories that sprung up were;
1. A teenager found a dead body trying to catch a pokémon
2. Thugs used “lures” to attract people to a specific area to rob them Continue reading “Pokémon Go!”

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