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Huawei Mate 9 & Porsche Design Mate 9

Huawei has been in the smartphone game a long time, and so has their Mate series been(nearly as long as Samsung’s Note series).

This time around they bring us the Mate 9 and also the Porsche Design Mate 9 which has the same internals (6GB RAM, 256G storage and QHD display). The Prosche Design Mate 9 is a limited edition with a price tag of $1500. Continue reading “Huawei Mate 9 & Porsche Design Mate 9”


Huawei Honor Magic

Long has smartphone manufacturers promised us how their device will bring us some revolutionary change, but have not come through.

Huawei on the other hand does feel pretty confident in saying they brought out a “phone from the future“. This “future phone” is called the Honor Magic.

What makes this phone so futuristic is Continue reading “Huawei Honor Magic”

Huawei Honor 6x – Budget phone but not budget specs

Budget phones are good for those on a tight budget, but that doesn’t always have to mean that the phone has to be of cheap quality. The Honor 6x may be cheap, but its definitely not going to feel cheap when you actually use the phone, even just looking at specs definitely shouts not cheap.

Specs: Continue reading “Huawei Honor 6x – Budget phone but not budget specs”

Project Ara

This is likely the most anticipated subject in the tech community, Project Ara.

Project Ara is the name given to an initiative that aims at providing smartphones to be more modular, well not more modular, it is modular. In simple terms, this means the phone is made of many different components, which will allow you to upgrade or replace each component very easy.

It is a Google initiative (collaboration of Google’s ATAP division and the creators of Phoneblocks). To find out more and to get in touch with everything modular; visit Project Ara and Phoneblocks.

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