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​Netflix offline viewing – Android & iOS

The widely known media streaming service, Netflix has finally released the biggest update to their system that everyone was hoping for since the day Netflix started off. Continue reading “​Netflix offline viewing – Android & iOS”


MyVR app(mywebroom)

MyVR is a social VR platform created by MyWebRoom. Head to the link  to read up on it.

It has been released on the play store. Its still a beta but go ahead and download now:
Get it on Google Play

Death of Vine

The famous six-second clip platform, Vine is said to be killed off by Twitter in the upcoming months.

Vine is a platform where people post six second videos in the hopes of them going “viral”. Vine has been up for the public since 2013 and since then it made a huge difference in the way we discover new artists, dancers, comedians and Continue reading “Death of Vine”

Embed Sketchfab into Twitter made easy 

Twitter now supports the Embed of Sketchfab VR and 3d scenes for you to view right in your timeline.

To embed Sketchfab into Twitter, all you have to do is paste the Sketchfab scene link into your post and it will render the Sketchfab viewer when someone clicks on it, whether it be desktop or mobile.

The Sketchfab VR mode is compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard and Samsung GearVR. This can also be triggered directly from a tweet.

Sketchfab is becoming the go-to media player for 3D and VR content Continue reading “Embed Sketchfab into Twitter made easy “

Youtube adds new “Community” feature

Youtube added a new feature for youtube creators!

There is a new “Community” tab that functions as a news feed for the channel. The creator can then post images, text updates, live videos, gifs and more to their subscribers. The posts will show up in the subscriber’s Subscription feeds or they can opt-in to receive these new posts.

Youtube community is currently in beta stage and only a few youtubers have access to this feature, namely, AsapSCIENCEThe Key of AwesomeVsauce3The Game Theorists and a few others.

You can go the above mentioned  youtube channels to check out the new feature.

Twitter’s new longer tweets

Twitter is about to make a change in their system where you will be able to make longer tweets.

I know for a fact that everyone wished for this to come cauz you always have to sum up your idea/text into a really short text character limit.

This is just a little update and its said to be up for everyone by September 19 this year(Thank God).


My first online purchase

I ordered something online yesterday and payed for delivery which was a 7 day delivery option and I got the item today. Very surprised at how good the service is. is a really good service. I would recommend them to anyone.


Google I/O 2016 Youtube Playlist

Google I/O 2016 Youtube Playlist:

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