Australia is a very interesting continent, not only does it have 23 million people on the small continent, but also it has moved.

Since 1994, the continent has moved 1.5 meters(4.9 feet), which in return doesn’t sound like much of an issue. According to a New York Times report Australia shifts annually by 6.9 centimeters(6.9 inches) northward.

Australia’s movement is caused by the shifting tectonic plates that make up the earth’s surface.

There are various continents that moves in different rates and different directions. Because of this, our model of earth will have to change. GPS coordinates are calculated based on models of the earth. This means that the GPS information we have will be WRONG, well, by a few inches.

Even if its just a few inches, this will have a huge impact on the operations of GPS uses. Self driving cars use GPS co-ordinates, and this can cause a problem.

Australia’s longitudes and latitudes will be formally adjusted at the end of this year, so that GPS can keep careful track of the country.

So just remember, you’re not the only one moving, the planet is also doing it.