Okay… Its that time of the year where we all just have to take a break from technology and all these new phones coming out, exploding in our faces, without headphone jacks, duel lenses, mods, and all these other phones with something different than the other(or so they think).

When it comes to Google, they always want to be the ones that needs to be on top, well they are if you think about it. This year, October 4th, Google will have another event taking place and this event will be all about their new phones.The news about google bringing out a new brand of phones, well its replacing Nexus.

These new phones, named Pixel finally has an official release date, 9am Pacific Time October 4th.

Rumors are stating that Google will manufacture their own phones this time, but we’re not sure of this yet. Google also made a website about the event, Madeby.google.com but this is just the same video on there, but Google might add more information as we approach the event, and you can sign up to get updates regarding the phones and event.

The official Nexus Twitter account tweeted:

There will also be other products that Google will be showing on October 4th, like the DayDream VR Headset and a 4K Chromecast.

Stay connected as more of this will be covered in the near future!