Just a week ago was it mentioned that Google will be dropping the Nexus brand of their phones and naming it “Pixel”.


Just previously was the Nexus launcher leaked, showing a whole bunch of new features and add-ons. The “Nexus Launcher” does not have an app drawer icon, but it is there, just under the static icons at the bottom of the screen. There were a lot of features but were not here to talk about the Nexus Launcher, but about the Pixel Launcher.


The new Pixel Launcher replaces the Google search bar with a pull-out tab that takes you to Google Now and also a date widget that cannot be replaced.


There are also a few other changes, like a slide-up entry into the app drawer and other minor changes that makes it look all too beautiful.


The apk is obviously a pre-release so its bound to have a few bugs. If you want to get a look at this launcher and install on your phone, you can find it here.


There’s still a lot of rumors around about Google’s take on switching from Nexus to Pixel, but more is to come in the near future.

Stay tuned!