Trying to explain Pokémon Go to you all will be like explaining “The birds and the bees” to a six year old; its like common knowledge now.

Since Pokémon Go’s initial release date(July 6, 2016), people have been going crazy in the streets, walking around with their phones in their face. Pokémon Go is basically the best game that got released to the public since the time from BC until now.

The three teams in Pokemon Go: (FYI; I’m Valor)

The Pokémon Go craze has brought up a lot of stories on the internet, some are true, some not so true. A few stories that sprung up were;
1. A teenager found a dead body trying to catch a pokémon
2. Thugs used “lures” to attract people to a specific area to rob them
3. People were sent to weird locations that were PokéStops
4. A boy killed his brother because of deleting his account
5. Someone got stabbed playing Pokémon Go, then just kept playing
6. Some guy fell off a cliff playing the game

There’s a whole lot of these stories going around on the internet, even the news. Like I said, some these these stories are true and some are just total crap.

Lately the Pokemon Go gameplay has fallen short and less and less people are playing Pokemon Go and less and less time are spent inside the game.

I’ve stumbled upon some strange things myself, some more funny than other. Like a real life bird next to a Pidgey.

So… Pokemon Go is an amazing game, its awesome, its adventurous, and more good can be said about the game. Niantic Labs, The Pokemon Company and everyone involved in the development and the process of Pokemon Go should just keep everyone up to date with news and updates and try to keep everyone happy by not having those bloody annoying freezes/crashes/anger throwing moments when you just want to throw your phone on the ground/against the floor/in the drain/throw your neighbor’s(Mrs Moony) dog with your phone.

What else can be said about pokemon go? Pretty much a lot, but let’s leave that for some other time.

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